Tin Fruits (Fig Fruits) – Secrets Behind Fruit of Heaven

Fig (Ficus carica L.) is a type of fruit-producing plants that can be eaten which originated fromWest Asia. The fruit is named the same. The name is taken from the Arabic, also known by the name of “Ara” (fruit of the fig / fig tree), whereas in English called a fig, is still included relatives of the banyan tree.

Growing up in West Asia region, ranging from the coast of the Balkans to Afghanistan. Now is also cultivated in Australia, Chile,Argentina, and the United States.
Habitus in the form of trees, large and can grow up to 10m with soft shaft gray. The leaves are quite large and curvy in, 3 or 5 lobes.

Flowers tin does not seem as protected by the base of the flower that closes so that the thought of fruit. Pollination carried out by a special kind of wasp, just like the insects that pollinate other Ficus species.
The so-called fruit is actually a flower that forms the basis of spheres. This type is typical for all members of the tribe-araan fig(Moraceae). The fruit size of three to 5 cm long, green. Some cultivars change color to purple when ripe. The sap of this tree issued to irritate the skin.
Fig fruit can be eaten fresh, dried, or made jam. Fruit is picked must be used because it can not be stored longer (easily broken). In Bengali fig fruit is processed as a vegetable.

Privileges fig fruit

All that is created and bestowed by Allah SWT has its own privileges and advantages that we as humans sometimes do not know the silver lining. Many of us do not know the features found in Fruit Tin and importance to health, perhaps because Fruit Tin is not from our country, but from the Middle East countries. Although Fruit Tin comes from Makkah, Syria, Palestine, Egypt as well, but also introduced in Italy about 2000 years ago which developed rapidly through the South of Europe, including Greece.Up in the Book Al-Qur’an there is also a special letter stating about Tin Fruit and Olives, also Mount Tursina and country safe Makkah (Al-Qur’an – Surat At-Tin verses 1-3). If contemplated, surely there is wisdom behind it, why Allah swt has said in the Qur’an. This may be because the efficacy and merits unequaled by other fruits.

According to Imam Ibn Al Jawziyyah,

Fruit Tin has many benefits, including shortness of breath can reduce disease, cleanse the liver and spleen, as well as thinning phlegm, and provide good benefits to the body, as a precautionary measure to combat toxins in our bodies.

Prophet Muhammad also once said, “Had I say, Surely the fruit that fell from Heaven then I say, this is the fruit (Fig), there is no doubt the real fruit of paradise.” (Hadith narrated by Abu Darba; Suyuti)

Along with these traditions, is also evidenced by the discoveries of science about the many features that can be taken from the grain Tin little-known fruit. Fruit Tinhas different properties with other fruits as well as delicious and has a high health value.Apart from that, also useful as a material facilitating (laxative), retaining the element of pain and slums urine (diuretic).

Prof. J. A Vinson from Scranton University of the United States has made a study and prove that, Tin Fruit contains a high efficacy when compared with other fruits. Fruit Tin contains no violations, fat and cholesterol, but contain higher potassium, fiber and iron. The results of research in fruit 100gram Tin, contains 20% than the daily requirement of fiber substances our bodies. Of these, over 28% is a type of soluble fiber. Research shows that soluble fiber can help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood by binding in the digestive tract, when the insoluble fiber, can protect and prevent colon cancer (koion). Foods rich in fiber can reduce weight, therefore Fruit Tin is also very suitable to overcome a weight problem.

Tin fruit can be consumed per person, including children and is the best food for all ages, because the fruit contains high fiber Tin and sweet taste. So very appropriate if we eat this fruit, as an alternative food us to improve our daily health in this modern world.

One more feature that is contained in Fruit Tin is believed to have materials that can fight cancer. In the Fruit Tin contains “polyphenols” high functioning as an antioxidant that is very important for our bodies, because it can function as free radical in the body that cause cancer. In addition, Tin Fruit also contains other elements that became an anti-cancer substances, namely “benzaldehyde” and “coumarins.”Benzaldehyde has been shown to act as anti-tumor material and “coumarins” is to treat skin and prostate cancer.

In addition, the presence of fiber, potassium and magnesium in the Fruit Tin can reduce wind attacks and is able to control high blood pressure. One good news for people with high blood diseases, because by eating the Fruit Tin made prevention of the disease. For diabetes, fiber contained in fruits Tin can memperlahan process of glucose absorption in the small intestine. Combined substance contained in Fruit Tin is high fiber and carbohydrate in the form of a compact, namely glucose and fructose is able to control one’s blood sugar levels.

Accordingly, Dr. Oliver Alabaster, namely Steering Disease Prevention Institute at George Washington University Medical justify stated that if someone takes Fruit Tin, actually has taken the food that ensures long-term health. So no wonder if Fruit Tin called by experts on the current food as Nutraseutikal food (functional food), because fruit Tin is not just contain substances that are efficacious, even more than that and is useful as a body guard and is able to prevent attacks, disease certain diseases.

In addition, the Institute for Fruit Tin Advisors in California (California Fig Advisory Board) has said Fruit Tin as “Nature’s most Nearly perfect fruit”, ie the fruit that almost reached the stage of perfection as a whole. WaAllahu  a’lam Bisshowaab

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